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Juxtapoz - December 2011 #131
Juxtapoz - December 2011 #131

Juxtapoz - December 2011 #131

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So, I kind of have this theory that some things are better left up to the experts, and who better to descripe this lovely issue of Juxtapoz, but the fine folks at Juxtapoz... so here is their description...

Juxtapoz Magazine December 2011 Newsstand Cover #131

Our December 2011 issue feels like a special issue just looking at the cover. Mark Ryden, who has been on the cover multiple times since our inception in 1994 (3x if you are counting at home), is celebrated in an extensive conversation and look into his newest body of work. Set to be an instant classic.

We also look into the roots of Surrealism with a sit down conversation with the last of the Mexican Surrealists, Mexico City's Pedro Friedeberg. December also features talks with Vienna's Moussa Kone, the ever-illusive Read More Books, NYC's Geoffrey Chadsey, fine artist Sarah Cain, and photographer Chase Jarvis. We also feature an exclusive photo shoot art directed by Herbert Baglione and Fabio Stachi in Sao Paulo.

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