Back in October we worked with Ferg to present Squadt Assembly 1.1, the second iteration of his super cool "Build It Yourself" Squadt concept. For that event, we debuted a Tongueless Gohst, 200 piece edition. Of course, every time we do something like this there are always a few extra pieces left unsold either from returns, or because we overestimated pieces needed for lost/damaged packages. In this case, we ended up with 8 pieces at the end of the day...but what to do with those? Lucky for us, we've got a Squadt fanatic toy customizer in our ranks.

Today we're offering seven* different awesome Squadt Tongueless Ghost custom builds by none other than Rotofugi Store Manager Edward "SQUEE"'s SQUEESSEMBLY!

The customs are priced at $225 each, and available first-come, first-served via email only.

Check it out here and let us know if you are interested in grabbing one!

Sold Out!

*I'm sure someone will point out there are 8 customs, not 7, but one of those is not for sale because it's staying with Squee. :)

Load It Up One More Time

Squadt Assembly last April was seriously one of the hardest but coolest things we've ever done. Working with Ferg is always a pleasure, so when he approached us with the idea to continue the Squadt Assembly fun a little bit we jumped at the chance.

Today we are revealing Squadt Assembly 1.1.

This time the Assembly is taking a slightly different form. Rather than a full on exhibit and pop-up shop, it's 100% virtual. There are two on for details!

Online Builds

Like last time, you'll be able to do an online "build" where you start with a Squadt Assembly body and then choose accessories and weapons to make it your own. Ferg has made a new 200 piece edition Tongueless Gohst especially for this, and it rules. Online building will be available right here on Friday, October 18 at 2pm Central Time.

Built by Ferg Online Exhibit

In addition to the online builds, there are 15 special "Built by Ferg" pieces that will are available via lottery. Eleven of these builds utilize the new Tongueless Gohst specimen, but the other four use Squadt Assembly specimens from the original exhibit that we still had due to returns and cancellations. We are accepting lottery entries now and the drawing/sales will be conducted on Monday, October 21. Full details and images are here.

Please do not hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions. Thanks!


Squadt Assembly is a pop-up store and exhibit by Playge (Ferg x Threezero) hosted at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago - April 5-May 5, 2013. Attendees will be able to choose from a library of limited edition parts, clothing and accessories designed by FERG and manufactured by Threezero exclusively for this show to build their own custom Squadt figure. A range of Squadt related merchandise, prints and other goodies will also be available.

For more details about the event please use the menu above....or play around with the online assembly preview. If you can't attend the opening weekend, instructions for entering the lottery for a chance to build online are included on that page. Thanks!


Squadt Assembly took place April 5-May 5, 2013 at Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago.

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