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Elephants in the Trees
Silk Screen Monoprints & Art Prints by strawberryluna

January 13-February 5, 2012

Opening Reception
Friday, January 13, 2011, 7-10PM

About the Artist

strawberryluna is Allison & Craig, a wife & husband design, illustration and silkscreen printing studio from Pittsburgh, PA in the US.

They are strongly influenced by the natural world, translating what they see from realism to folktale & symbolic imagery. The fantastical, the stark, the improbable are made into a new world seen through the windows of clean design. They love to draw from both past and current influences in their work and mix the two with regard only to the aesthetic outcome, in an effort to hopefully make a brighter, happier corner of the world and a tiny universe where a cat and a mouse are perfectly capable of being super best friends.

They illustrate, design & then hand silkscreen print rock posters for bands, create and print art prints and more. Mostly self-taught, they are both firmly rooted in the handmade movement and traditions of DIY.

But mostly? They like fun.

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